1. Steph

From the recording The First Seven EP

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It was six hundred and fifty days
from the moment we met to the night in which she put me straight
And she put me straight
I couldn't hide my disappointed eyes from her
Cos I cant see where I went wrong
Where did I go wrong
And why'd she say, "Lets just be friends"

I know that she's said no before,
But in the past I thought that meant try something else
And that's what I did
Someday I might look back and laugh
At all the stupid things I said to win her heart
I didn't win her heart
And now she says "lets just be friends"

And now I'm left just reminiscing
About the days when we were kissing
And the times when you were by my side
And now I know there's no point trying
And there is no denying
I'm never gonna get the things that
I want from her.

So I guess its time to draw the line
And try and find a girl that really wants me too
Could it be you?
Or maybe I misheard her words
Or didn't quite understand what she really meant by them
What did she mean
When she said lets just be friends