Feb 6th: Our Sound Music: Elizabeth I single review: "Dave Giles has released his new EP, made up of four songs with ‘Elizabeth I’ a standout. Jaunty and well produced, this is a showcase of Giles’s classic songwriting sensibilities."

Feb 1st: Brothers in Raw: 'Diamonds and Roses EP' Review: "Throughout the EP, we can hear country influences, without it becoming a cliché; a job well done. Giles obviously has a strong voice, which immediately becomes apparent during Elizabeth I."

19th Jan: Rock Regeneration: EP: “Diamonds and Roses” by Dave Giles: On Elizabeth I: "it’s easy to be drawn in with this infectious number. It features a nice mix of creative guitar work including a great solo at around 2 minutes 20. This is all brought together with some toe-tapping rhythms and some divine vocal harmonic goodness."

14th Jan: Dancing About Architecture - 'Diamonds and Roses EP' Review:  "Singer-Songwriter indeed! He’s so much more than such a term could ever hope to suggest."


27th April: Live A Little Louder Music - interview: "His original music offers an refreshingly unique dose of British-infused Americana combined with a committed and powerful vocal performance - creating a strong and distinguishable overall sound. This is backed by his warm and engaging persona - both online and on stage, earning him a loyal following along the way - a community the singer songwriter clearly holds close to his heart."


12th Sept: Brothers in Raw - Live Review (in dutch): Translated by google: "The evening kicked off with Dave Giles. To be honest, I wasn't going to go into much detail about the support act, but if this one leaves an impression on you, you simply don't have a choice. Dave Giles is everything an artist should be."

23rd May: Speak Soft Magazine - Live Review: "His set was memorable, and his album ‘Tennessee and 48th‘ is worth a spin if you like intelligent songwriting and catchy choruses."

16th January: Americana UK - Album Review: 7 out of 10.  "An enjoyable and a distinctive Trans-Atlantic Sound: Dave Giles is maturing into a credible and exciting artist doing things on his own terms. Good luck to him. It’s well worth a listen."

2nd January: Small Music Scene - Number 23 out of top 100 albums 2018: "The writing is sensational, with the songs on this covering quite the range of themes, with examples such as nostalgia, individuality, not-so-nice relationships and premature death, and without fail, he manages to absorb the listeners and hook them on these subject matters. Plus his performances, both vocally and on the guitar, are terrific, and you really get that sense of belief in the emotion behind everything he sings, and that he’s giving it his all throughout. This is a brilliant, professionally curated work that is compelling from the first note to the last, and we find it really admirable just how far Dave pushed himself to get this project created."

January: Country Music Magazine - Album Review: 3 out of 5 (Decent within it's scope) "Gently easing himself into his made-in-nashville record with Child Again, and the bouncy Shoebox, Londoner Dave Giles really hits his stride with the idiosyncratic Whiskey and Daffodils. The poppy Who I Wanna Be, Last Man On The Moon, plus closing track Demons, all boast distinctive arrangements. Devil In A Green Dress sees him succumb to temptation in a bar, and there's some neat guitar work in Just Another No One as he sings "sad songs to sorry souls" on this love letter to Music City."

January: RnR Magazine - Album Review: 3 out of 5: "Dave's London accent leaves the listener in no doubt that the vocalist is an Englishman, and his sound is often dense and rock-inflected, with elements of mid-60s Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, The Byrds and David Bowie."


20th November: GigSoup - Album Feature: With the American singer-songwriters dominating Music City and by extension, the Alt-Country and Americana scene in this country, perhaps it’s time to give some homegrown voices a chance to create and define their own version of the Nashville sound. With this new LP and fresh songwriting start, Dave Giles is doing just that.

13th November: Fatea Music - Album Review: Crowdfunded, his fan base raised an amazing £25,000 to make the album. It was money well invested.

11th November: Maximum Volume Music - Artist of the Day 

9th November: Andrew Riley - Gig Review: "Dave has either been very lucky, or very wise. His backing band of Nashville musicians plays to each other’s strengths and the whole set simply bounces off the walls and you can’t help but tap your feet."

1st November: Soundscape - Album Review: "Sonically the album sounds amazing. Each musician is performing at the top of their respective games, but it’s the songs that really set this apart. They have a way of really working their way into the section of the brain that is in charge of humming, and singing random parts of songs out of nowhere, and then they stick there like the understated genius they are, getting better with each and every listen. 10/10"

1st November: AmyAdores - Album Review: "Tennessee & 48th gives a completely new sound for Giles, it’s new and exciting. A much fuller sounding record than his previous releases, and yet there is no question that this music belongs to Dave Giles. The lyrics are deep and meaningful and bring in waves of emotion, yet they still contain the signature comfort that Giles has always brought to his music, and despite their heavy subjects, still feel uplifting."

24th October 2018: Solo Armada - Album Review: " After a few more listens you’ll find that favourite tracks revolve and continue to do so with each listen. The sign of not just a good album but a fucking great one."

24th October 2018: Small Music Scene - Single review: "The London musician gives us a tune with some of the most genuinely heart-tugging lyrics of this year that personally had us struggling to fight back the emotions, and Dave conveys them flawlessly through an incredible performance."

22nd October 2018: Vents Magazine - Interview 

20th October 2018: Tongue Tied Magazine - Single review: "Dave Giles’ “Taken Too Soon” is a departure from the existentially sad themes that characterize music in 2018’s hysteria. It’s the sudden and overwhelming kind of sadness that can’t really be numbed, at least not for long."

16th October 2018: GigSoup - Single Preview: "New single Taken Too Soon is a tender, mid-tempo rocker showcasing a new found maturity to his songwriting and the Americana/Country talents of the Nashville musicians he assembled for the new LP. With the inspiration for the song being a fan and friend of his who has since passed away, this is powerful stuff."