The Taylor Swift EP

Released 16th March 2014 

For various reasons I decided to take down all of my releases from pre 2016, but I may re-record some of the tracks at a later date and re-release them.

Track listing: 
1. Why'd She Have To Sleep With Someone Else 
2. Anything But The Best 
3. Was I Not Fun? 
4. I'll Be Fine (Give Me Time) 

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Giles at Quarter To Three Studios. 

Additional Musicians: 
Luke Mc Hugh: Electric guitar, Pedal Steel guitar. 
Nick Kent: Bass 
Martin Griffith: Drums 
Extra singers at the end of track 4: Danny Gruff, Nick Kent, Bry O'Reilly, Carol Giles, Adrian Giles, Gary C, Dani Bennett Spragg. 

Artwork by Nick Kent.