Live at Welcome To 1979

Released on June 29th 2018.

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Track listing:  
1. I'm Coming Home
2. Days Like These

Track 1 written by Dave Giles and Chris Porter
Track 2 written by Dave Giles and Danny Gruff  

Produced, mixed and by Dean Dichoso. 
Track 1 mastered by Jeremy Averitt 
Track 2 mastered by Dean Dichoso

Track 1:
Vocal and guitar: Dave Giles 
Guitar: Kevin Haaland 
Bass: Dean Dichoso 
Drums: Jared Sandhy 
Tambourine: Dante Maes

Track 2:
Vocal and acoustic guitar: Dave Giles 
Acoustic Guitar: Kevin Haaland 
Glockenspiel: Dean Dichoso 
Percussion: Jared Sandhy 
Piano: Dante Maes 

Engineered by Dante Maes 

Recorded at Welcome to 1979, Nashville, Tennessee.