1. The Brew Song

From the recording Love, Life, Loss and Tea

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The Brew Song

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I wake each morning
its time for snoozing,
I press that button seven times before i'm moving
Take a shower for an hour,
Living by procrastination

I turn my phone on
and call my friend john
play a silly little game cos i'm a moron
do some scheming and day dreaming
living by procrastination

Got so much to do but there's so many distractions
My kettle is my partner in crime
If i could stop myself from all this inaction
then maybe i could get my girl to bed on time

watch a movie
and make a smoothie
list the things i need to do ASAP
sitting wishing i was kissing
living by procrastination

Oh look a mirror,
I could be slimmer
give my beard a little trim then go tell twitter
you can't beat tweeting what you're eating
living by procrastination...