1. Was I Not Fun?
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Was I Not Fun?

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Remembering things we used to do,
Remember the girl you used to be,
Is she gone? Oh where has she gone?
Its the littlest things i miss of you,
The littlest grins i yearn to see,
Wasn't it fun? Oh was i not fun?

The cuddles and movies whilst lying in bed,
the feel of your foot against my leg.
The way that you'd ask if we were ok,
after the fights that went your way.
The holding of hands as we walked down the street,
The way you could tell when i needed to eat.
And now i need to let go,
Its time to let go.

The scent that you'd leave on your side of my bed,
I'd turn and lay there as soon as you left.
The cute little snort when you were laughing too hard,
the involuntary noises after when we made love..
The photos of rings that you liked to send,
The plans that we made, that now have to end.
Where did it go wrong?
It all went so wrong.

And this was meant to be a song,
where i list all the things that i miss.
But some don't rhyme and some don't fit
I've not even mentioned your sweet kiss.
So as i stand here and sing,
Just a couple of things,
please know there's so much more inside.
And the worst thing,
Is that i know you don't miss me at all.

And despite this
I still love you.