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The La Da Da Da Song

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Don’t it feel like the world is going to shit
When every story on the news just makes you wanna be sick

So much hate and division
got me questioning humanity

Well it seems like we could all use
a strong dose
of positivity

So let’s spend a day popping bubble wrap
or watching cute cat videos

Or grab some friends and reminisce
about our good times forgetting our lows

Or just sing along with me
it’s an easy chorus to learn
You don’t have to sing in tune
just sing loudly
forget your concerns

la da da da da
Now i know that it seems simple
but you must admit it made you feel good
to let go of all your troubles
and regress back to your childhood

cos as we get older
some get cruel
we try so hard to look cool
and letting go becomes a danger
cos we don’t want to look like a fool

So if you judge this song badly
cos i look like a dick that’s your right
but not one care is given
to your opinion of what i look like

so let’s have another sing
it’s not hard
and the words haven’t changed
And shut out the thoughts and fears
that someone might think that we’re strange