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As I’m getting old,
I find the things that we were told
Are not quite right.
And the actions of my past
Are behaviours that can’t last
I’ve got to fight.

But not with a punch or kick
I need this change to stick
Leave my old ways behind

This routine of putting down
And shaming with just a frown
I must get out of my mind
Out of my mind.

I used to think that I
Was one of the good guys
But that’s not quite true

Ignorance kept me blind
To this truth that I now find
But that’s no excuse.

These habits are hard to break
But a new path I have to take
To restore my own pride

My language I have to change
Til this new way won’t feel so strange
And I’m on the right side
On the right side


Now I admit that I was wrong
Even though it took to long
But this is a start
As there’s so much more to learn
I’ve lit a fire now it burns in my heart

I’m leaving the old me behind
To be the person I was in my mind
From my mistakes I will no longer hide.