A new start!


It's been a while. I've been quite quiet since getting back from Nashville, taking my time to digest everything that happened and get everything ready to start the next push towards releasing the album and beyond.

The first step was rest; after how busy I was last year in getting myself to Nashville and then being there and making sure I absolutely gave that experience every bit of energy I had, it was essential that I had a break. In the past I've worked myself to burn out, and I'm determined to not do that again. I'm happy to work hard and give something my all, but then when that's done, I've got to allow my body to recover. I was both physically and mentally exhausted from the last year, and I'm definitely now back to my best.

The second step was getting the album mixed, which has now happened. It took a while because both Dean and I wanted to have a break from it, and then there's the issue of time difference. I'm in London, Dean has been in Houston and LA, so it's often difficult for us to sit down and talk about things, and when he does something, he has to wait for me to listen to it and even if I want just a small change it then takes time to get that approved. It's now done and just needs mastering so we're currently trying to finalise who is going to master it. 

The third step (which is where I currently am), is the planning phase. This involves me figuring out when, how and who will release the album. I also want to use this time to start trying to build a team of people around me to help me do these things so it's not just me. This might be unsuccessful, but it's something I really want to try. So the new website is a big part of that. It's about me beginning to set up the visuals for the album and present myself as someone who people might want to work with. 

I'm also beginning to try and plan music videos for the new tracks. This is going to be expensive, but I really want to make one for each song, even if they're just lyric videos. I also want to make some quirky performance videos, either solo or with some other musicians. We'll see how I get on.

I've also been busy starting to plan my gigging schedule for the rest of the year. It's starting with the house show tour in August. I currently have 20 shows booked which is a great start. I'd like to get some more booked, so if you're interested, please do drop me an e-mail: dave@davejgiles.co.uk

In September and October I'm planning on doing some small regional gigs similar to the "Get Dave To Nashville Tour" last October. Tiny venues and intimate gigs. Then I'm planning on releasing the album on 2nd November and I'll be doing some full band album gigs that week. I think it might just be three, maybe four. The London show has already been confirmed as 9th November so please put that in your diaries. The plan for these gigs is to try and get the guys who played on the record to come over and really make something special happen. Keep your fingers crossed. I have various plans for after the album is out including heading over to Ireland and mainland Europe and more regional UK gigs. 

So thanks for stopping by to this new page, please have a look round and let me know if you find any mistakes :D

Much love,