1. Yeah Buddy

From the recording The First Seven EP

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Yeah Buddy

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Its 5am, and we're stumbling round this town again,
Trying to find, a place thats selling chicken wings.
We're getting old now, but nights like this don't seem to change,
The night bus home, anmd in the morning, the trumpet sings

Yeah buddy, tonight was such a big night
I spent to much money, but i don't care because i love these big nights with you

Its 3pm, and we're dying watching our favourite film
With our hangover cures, our chocolate milk and our warm duvets
We're getting old now, but days like this don't seem to change
We go back to pub, get the beers in and start over again .

Yeah buddy, tonights gonna be a big night,
I'm not being funny, but i could do this every day.

Whether singing in pubs, or dancing in clubs,
Whether drinking in bars, i don't care where we are
Because i night without you is just not the same,
And i want you to know, I'll go wherever you go,
Cos the things that we do, yeah i'm better with you,
So come drink with me because i think this will be
Another night where we spend too much money.

Yeah buddy, I really want another big night tonight,
Let's spend all our money, on whiskey and wine, and corona with lime and sambuca shots
Yeah buddy, lets dance all night to our favourite songs and sing our hearts out
And if i spend all my money, i won't care because i love these big nights with you.