From the recording Tales Of A Social Misfit EP

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Watching People On Trains

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Let me tell you about the journeys I've made today
It's a funny old world, the London underground
The fares have gone up but I'll pay all the same
I don't care where I go the entertainment is gold
Watching people on trains

So I got on a train at 9am,
Its full of professional types, and the odd scruffy git
There's a guy who's asleep, I think he's missed his stop
I've got a real strong urge to put something in his mouth
I'm watching people on trains

And ooooooh try not to laugh at her hair
And oooooh she must feel everyone stare
There's an awkward moment when someone moves
Because the guy in the next seat can't have washed in a week
And someone gets on and takes up the chair
and the look on his face is reason I love paying my fare

On the afternoon train all the tourists appear
Theyre easily confused and scared of the doors
There's an elderly couple eating biscuits and cheese
My heart starts to smile when she wipes the crumbs from his beard
I'm watching people on trains

I always wonder why people watch eastenders at night
Cos the reality down here is second to none
Now there's a strange old man and he's heading my way
Please don't talk to me, can't you see I've got my headphones on
I'm watching people on trains

And ooooooh is that guys laugh for real
Whoaaah cos its more like a squeal
And though the mornings are silent and the days too polite
The evening draws in and this place comes alive
Its like the world in a box and no ones left out
And on nights like this you can't deny that you love paying your fare

And now its getting late and I'm left to observe
But all I can think is how did he pull her?
She's drunk but she's fit with amazing hair
He knows she'll regret it in the morning but he don't care
I'm watching people on trains

And a girl gets on and sits opposite me
Blimey she's hot, did I just say that out loud?
Now she's smiling at me what the hells going on
I'm getting off in a stop so I'm gonna sing her a song
I'm being watched on this train

And oooo I can feel everyone stare
And ooooo I really don't care
Because this girl is a treat and I don't want to waste
This time where she's stuck and has to look at me
And its time to get off, I think I'll give her a badge
And she'll add me on facebook and that's why I love paying my fare