From the recording Tales Of A Social Misfit EP

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Maybe I Should Have Listened To Joe

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The phone rings
And I can't wait to hear her voice
It's a rare treat..
But one I know that I'll enjoy
But it wasn't always like this
In fact we used to talk quite a lot
I used to love those drunken phonecalls,
I wonder if she recalls the time she said she loved me
But that was so long ago, maybe I should've listened to joe.

Her name is Holly,
and like the leaves on the bush she can stratch
She can draw blood
But still I want to taste her red berries.
She used to come and watch my old band
And stand right at the front
Was she aware that her infectious smile
And the look that she gave me with those big, beautiful brown eyes
Were making me fall in love, maybe I should've listened to joe.

And I've shown her,
Time and time again,
That I'd treat her right
I've made sure that she knows
Like the time she drank too much,
At my aftershow party
And I didn't take advantage and I cleaned up all the mess
After she was sick in my bed
And I didn't even moan, maybe she should listen to joe.

And it frustrates me seeing how easy,
She makes herself for other men
But for me she makes it
So damn hard but I've not blown my load and I've not given up

Cos its more than sex, and these are more than words
And she has the starring role in my dreams everynight
And I'll make more mistakes,
and she'll make many more reasons as to why she says no
And maybe I'm deluded, and maybe joe was right
In what world could I get this girl
And then I hear her voice and I think about her smile
I think about that cute laugh she does when we're close

they'll be more awkward turtle moments,
As I try to win her over, cos I'm not giving up
No I'm never giving up,
And yes I know its stupid, but I wont ever listen to joe...

So if you're ever out in Bournemouth
And you see a stunning blonde,
With a truly infectious smile and beautiful brown eyes
Be sure to ask who she is,
And Holly is her name make sure you say hi from Dave