From the recording Tales Of A Social Misfit EP

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Confessions Of A Facebook Stalker

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It's a self afflicted torture
Looking at your facebook page
Cos you're so pretty in your picture
And your newsfeed just fills me with rage
But I can't help myself from having a look
And I really don't know what I'm hoping to find.
And its getting even worse now its on my phone but its true
I'm addicted to you

So it seems Im in a muddle
It seems that I just can't move on
And I know that this is trouble
Cos Im looking at you all day long
And it really is hard not to give you a poke
Or comment on the things that I don't approve
I hate it when you're tagged with some other bloke Cos its true
I'm addicted to you

And I know that in the real world
I can't look you in the eye
And my social inadequacies
Leave me all tongue tied
I text you when I've drunk too much
But you never reply
I must creep you out so much
But I'm addicted to you

So I can't escape the torture
Of looking at your facebook page
Can't you change your picture?
Can you please stop filling me with rage?
Cos I can't stop my self from having a look
And I know that just by looking you'll never be mine
And its clear that this will never have a happy end but its true
I'm addicted to you