From the recording Love, Life, Loss and Tea

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There's No Need For Metaphors Anymore

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For a couple of months I've been wracking my brains
Looking for words that will say how I feel
I've written hundreds verses and tried many rhymes
Cadences and couplets and all kind of lines,
But it seems that these feelings of love and of hate for you
Have left my mind numb and incapable
Forgive me for being so crude and so hurtful
There's no need for metaphors with someone like you

I tried to compare you to a world title fight,
But were you my opponent or were you the prize
I've read books and watched films to try and find a likeness
But I get to the end and it doesn't match up
And I've tried all the clichés like trips to the funfair
You were the ride that I was too tall to try
So I've come to accept that these thoughts just go nowhere
Cos there's no need for metaphors with someone like you

Cos you're a bitch and you're a slut and I hate you so much,
Yet you're lovely and I adore you and I just crave your touch
But you use me and abuse me and it drives me insane
Cos you excite me and delight me, its probably me I should blame
Cos I don't understand you, and I just can't let go
Its been goin on so long, and all I have to show
Is five lousy songs a bruised ego and heart
But your kiss is so good, how I'd love to go back to the start.

So I'm going to attempt to stop wracking my brains
Looking for words to say how I feel,
I need to find a better subject to occupy my rhymes
Cos it seems that I'm bored of writing about you
And I've scared girls away on many occasions
By writing these songs just to make an impression
But you'll never be mine, you just love the attention
I'll stop wasting my loving on someone like you!