From the recording Love, Life, Loss and Tea

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Whiskey And Wings

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I guess there's a point when you just have to get away
When you're too tired to see that all your colours turned grey
I knew I was there and I'd turned into a beast
I'd even had road rage 'gainst an innocent priest
So I called Nick and he said "chris is here from la."
Lets have a week of booze and banter and wahey
I know we've both broke, but it's time for a binge
We don't live enough, let's live on whiskey and wings

Who needs love, when you have friends like these boys

So we headed to Camden and we watched a few shows
Made some new friends while the whiskey did flow
The barstaff knew our names we'd been in there all week.
We drank jaegarbombs when nick got to drunk to speak
And he'd try to get home but fall asleep on the busy
While chris and I powered on there was no stopping us,
We met a couple of girls they were as cute as can be
They didn't put out but that weren't bothering me cos,

When the bars all kicked out we'd find a fried chicken shop
I'd say I'll give you a fiver and we'll take the lot
We'd get home about 5 and I'd be awake around 10
I'd wait for the call to start all over again
And it weren't good for my health but it was great for my soul
I was running on empty now I'm raring to go
So next time that I'm low and even tea makes me winge
I'll gather my friends for some whiskey and wings

Who needs love love love
Just grab a whiskey and call your friends up anyday