From the recording Love, Life, Loss and Tea

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Sunday Hibernation

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Church bells and incense,
Your gentle breathing, deodorants,
Sirens you can barely hear,
The cute song playlist I made last year.

Our clothes are screwed up on the floor
A tribute to the night before,
A lamp shade swings,
A brass band sings, rehearsing just next door.

As we la la la la la lie here
And you mention, that i need a shave,
Shoe be do do do you remember
was there something outstanding today?
Sunday hibernation,
You just let it wash away
And la la la la la lie here,
In and out of my duvet.

A spider web on the ceiling,
I smell your hair and wonder what you're breathing.
A candle sputters to its end,
Your teas gone cold so don't pretend
That Monday is not on your mind,
Unwelcomed guest its so unkind.
Express train brakes make the room shake,
As this duvet day gets left behind.

It may feel like we're wasting time,
We've spent all day in this bed of mine.
I need my fill, lets make time stand still
I hope you know I'm in my prime.