1. Digital Love

From the recording Love, Life, Loss and Tea

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Digital Love

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I'm waking, and i'm pleasantly surprised to see,
You're lying next to me, you're lying next to me
And i'm hoping, that when you wake you'll be pleased to see,
You're lying next to me
I'll fetch you breakfast and put the kettle on
i can do that right before my body gets it all wrong

You used to be a collection of pixels on a screen
Now you're here with me and i can't get enough of your digital love

And its amazing, how comfortable you seem to be
But you hardly know me, you hardly know me
And its amazing, its not like we're a perfect match
Eighty two percent in fact, not sure how they came to that
You have your zeros and i have my one,
Put them together and it could be oh so much fun

No doubt you'll get tired of me like they always do
Or maybe i'll blow it just being me
Cos i always seem to find the wrong words to say
and you've not seen me on England rugby days
But i hope you see it through
Cos i sure like being with you