From the recording Love, Life, Loss and Tea

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The Strongest Man In The World

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Bert was a man one could listen to for hours,
He had one of those voices and great stories to tell
He talked with such passion and with so much conviction
About the people who were blessed to have known him at all

He ran a busy dockers pub in the east end
With his wife in the sixtys
But they never gave them any grief
Cos they all thought that Bert was the strongest man in the world
And how they loved him

He was a boy in the war though he never left London
Did his national service then he married his girl
They worked together their whole lives, he couldn't stand to be without her
And after the pub they retired to the country

All that he needed was her company
He was so happy around her
And she'd do anything for him
Cos he was handsome and brave and the strongest man in the world
And how she loved him

And Bert was idolised by his two grandsons
They thought he had magic powers
And they loved to listen to his tales
Of life and of love and of loss and of jellied eels
And how they loved him

And right near the end when he knew he was dying
He wrote letters to his wife and hid them all round the house
And in each one he thanked her and told her how much he loved her
She was finding them for weeks even after he died

And back at the bar his family knew how to honour him
They had a drink of his favourite
A pint of skol with a top of gin
Saying here's a toast to the strongest man in the world

And oh how I loved him.