From the recording Love, Life, Loss and Tea

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The Girl Who Said Yes

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When I was 17 a friend of mine had a haircut
And suddenly I noticed how pretty she was
I pursued her for a while and eventually we kissed
At a party I arranged when my parents were away
And that was the start of a beautiful romance
That lasted 6 years and would never have ended
If I wasn't such a fool
But I'm so glad she had that haircut

Cos' I will never forget, the good times we had
And I hope all of her dreams do come true
Or at least just a few

What is it about a first love that makes it so amazing?
Especially in those first months when everything is new
There was a song on the radio that must have been about us
Singing something dramatic like "you've turned my life around"
And that's how it felt and oh how I loved her
She made a perfect brew and it's incredible to think,
that she, did put up, with all my shhhh
And no one's compared since

And when she text me saying she'd found someone new oh I knew then how much I'd mucked up
So I hatched a plan that involved a ring and a question you only want to ask once.
And worked out a speech and made a mixtape
And booked a table at café rouge in Highgate
And I made an excuse about needing to talk
About something that Joe couldn't help me with
And she sat there and she listened, she held the ring her hand
But I could tell that she didn't want to leave her new man
But I wasn't ready to believe that, so I asked to her say
That she loved him and that she wanted to have his babies
And she delivered that line, looking me straight in the eye
And I made for the door but my tears wouldn't dry
And its etched in brain, the look on the face of the jeweller
Who asked if it needed adjusting when I took the ring back
And I said no cos she said no,
She said no, yeah she said no,
She said no, yeah she said no no no no no no no