From the recording Love, Life, Loss and Tea

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Churchfield Road

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If i wake up and don't feel my best
I give my friend martin a text
Arrange to meet at our favourite place
In Franks Café on Churchfield Road

You get so much food without breaking the bank
And the staff are great but I've not met Frank,
And to top it off when you've finished your grub
They offer you a complimentary cup of tea.

And I like tea.

Am I the only one who gets nervous when
I put the kettle on for a brand new friend
Will they like the way I make it,
Will they think less of me if its not quite right

Cos everyone has their own technique
Of mixing water, milk and a sack of leaf,
You can debate with me for hours,
But I stir enough to make my perfect cup of tea

The British high streets got it all wrong.
With all those coffee shops that just don't get it right,
T-shirt slogans keep on talking
Telling me I've got to keep calm and carry on,
But I'd rather put my kettle on.

Green tea, white tea, red tea, black tea, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, camomile and monkey tea. Chai tea, ice tea, peppermint and breakfast tea. Lap sang su shong, make it weak, make it strong. Yellow tea, Tetley, lemon tea, ginger tea, One lump or three, tips from PG. Herbal tea or chilli tea, builders tea and milky, None of that coffee, love, life, loss, tea.