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Lessons From My Dad

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Happy birthday to me, what have I become
I wonder what I've really learnt with all these setting suns
I used to have the answers like they were written on a scroll
And now I sit here listing all the things I can't control

Like the weather, or my hairline
Or the accent I talk with from my home town
Like paying taxes and the fact is
I might not be where I want to be
But I won't forget what my dad taught me

Work hard, Be kind
Keep an eye out for your friends
Be Proud, Have fun
Change your haircut now and then
And hope that it will be alright in the end

It's another happy new year I wonder whats to come
More Hollywood uncertainty
And the need to get things done
Things are slowly moving forward
But I could use a little luck
I'm losing sleep trying find more hours, I've got a fear of getting stuck

In a routine, like a bad dream
Or dying old with things undone
And the fact is, I can do this
And as time goes by I guess we'll see
If I'm ready to die when I'm 93


These birthdays and new years get me thinking

Looking back to see how far I've come, but
That can't change, but I can
There's so much left I want to do
And the fact is, that without knowing
It could happen another day
And I'll always remember what my dad would say


And I guess that it will be alright in the end
And I'm sure that it will be alright in the end