1. Call Of Duty

From the recordings Call Of Duty EP and Love, Life, Loss and Tea

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Call Of Duty

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A soldier died in the war today,
He was working in a foreign land
On a routine patrol round town
He was killed by a roadside bomb
Are we becoming numb to this
Have we drowned out what it means
Do we think of the consequence?
When the report says, "his family have been informed"

They say he name on the radio
He was 31 years of age
He leaves behind a wife and son
His wife had to tell his mum
He loved his job and took pride in his work
He was a popular and funny guy
But did we think of his sacrifice
When the report said, "his family have been informed"

The solider's mum can hardly sleep at night
She wonders if he called out her name.
She's so proud of her brave son
But no parent should have to bury their child,
Shes written letters to the families
Of the hundreds who have fallen since
After all she knows what it means
When the reports say, "their family have been informed"

And do I live my life as if someone else
Is putting theirs on the line for mine
And should I sing this song cos I don't know how it feels
To be the family that's been informed