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The Boy Who Gets The Girl

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Its always been hard to write sad songs
To correct my mistakes and right all my wrongs
But today these words came my way
Ive loved and I've lost, many lines I have crossed
My songs may seem forward, they connect all the dots
but this time, the story is easy to rhyme

Im not looking for a fairytale
A cheap spin off for me will be fine
just a girl who drinks whiskey
she don't need to turn water to wine
I'm not looking for a princess
just a girl who'd get drunk with my mum/hard with me
be a boy who gets the girl
then maybe this don't need to rhyme

I may act persausive, and sometimes complacent
I hope there's someone, who's almost adjacent
To me, in each kind of way
I never have cheated, and I'm not defeated
But lately it seems, my faith's depleted
In Love, What would Mr Darcy Do?