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Nan Said "Romance Is Dead"

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My old Nan said, she thinks that romance is dead,
Now its all talking on your phones and sex before you wed.
There ain't no wining or dining, just flirting on the internet instead.

As right as she might be, that doesn't sound like me.
I like to take a girl to dinner if its buy one get one free
And later ask to kiss her, invite her back to Dave's for cups of tea.

When I've done something wrong,
I'll sing her her favourite song,
And try not to sing out of key.
No matter what my nan said
Romance isn't dead.

Its easy to see with all the sex on tv,
that my nan came to conclude there is no chivalry.
So I'm going to write a letter
and address it to the sluts on MTV.

I won't ask her to sleep with me,
when i take to toby carvary
And buy her a pudding as well.
No matter what my nan said
Romance isn't dead