I don't recall,
Feeling as inadequate as i do,
Battered and bruised.
You've broken me down,
left me to sliver around this bed.
Of memories,
Of shattered dreams and heartache.
And the best,
That i could offer you,
Led you to the arms of another.

I want nothing more,
I want nothing less,
than for you to live a life of happiness
I'm down on the floor,
No words to express,
But don't accept anything but the best.

I don't recall,
feeling as destructible as i do.
Struggling through,
Never before have i ever lost my
Just floating around,
my mind is full of unanswered questions.
But the one,
thats got me going insane.
Is what does he give you that i can't?

My hearts in pieces,
I have only got myself to blame,
I've been defeated.
I hope you never feel the same.