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Why'd She Have to Sleep With Someone Else

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So where to begin in the story of the end
i didn't see it coming, now i've lost my best friend
i feel a fool
oh what a fool

It was the start of December, and she'd given me her list
Whilst i was working to afford it, she went out and got pissed
and met a guy
I was being taken for a ride.

And she came home and told me of this "friend" that she had made,
He knew my old songs, he'd seen a gig that I'd played.
And he was having a tough time, his dog had just died,
He played guitar in a band, oh he was such a good time.

I know we had tests and i know i wasn't always the best,
But this was a girl i never thought would sleep with someone else.

The day after Christmas she said she might need some space
I knew things weren't right, i said "we'll move at your pace"
and that seemed fine
so we went back to mine

A few more days passed and we were lying in bed,
she was hiding her phone, but they were "just friends" she said
oh what to do?
What was i supposed to do?

And that night she went to his gig with her friends,
she made it quite clear that i was not to attend,
So i asked her to text me when she was home safe in bed
It came at 6.30 and this is what it said:

"Good night baby", with a kiss
I'd not slept a wink for this.

And i felt so unworthy, of course she wouldn't sleep with someone else.

And i don't think that Hollywood has ever really shown,
The true devastation of the moment when you're told.
That the person you're in love with,
Who has said that they're all yours.
Has opened up her soul, and let someone else inside
And i finally know what Mr. Flowers meant when he sang:
"I'm Mr. Brightside"

Oh it was a phonecall,
She said she'd done something wrong,
and i knew right away, oh.
And i cried and i cried and i cried
and i fell to the floor
Why'd she have to sleep with someone else?
Why'd she have to sleep with someone else?
Why'd she have to sleep with someone else?