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Beautiful Child

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My oh my, a beautiful child
A beautiful child with big wide eyes
So much love, I can’t get enough
I love to see you smile

Watch you grow, discover your toes
Stare out the window and grab my nose
You appear to live without fear
Just going with the flow.

I won’t wish all your life away
I wonder what you’ll be
I hope the worlds much better than today
I guess we will see

But right now, you don’t give a cow
Just wondering how those wheels go round
Nice new trick, you’re learning real quick
Get up when you fall down.

Wave your arms, and learn how to charm
It tickles my heart, watching you dance
What’s that look? I’ll read you your book
Curious from the start.

I want you to look up to me
I want to make you proud
I’ll try and show you where hard work can lead
Am I being too loud

Not a peep, you’re trying to sleep
When it is complete, you’ll want to eat
Just like me, food makes you happy
Eat anything we see.

You’re getting so much bigger every day
But Don’t grow up too fast okay.

Dream big things, and spread out your wings
And try not to whinge, let your voice sing
My advice, is try to be nice
It doesn’t cost a thing.

So just smile, and laugh all the while
You beautiful child with big wide eyes
When we part, it tugs on my heart
Nobody likes goodbyes.

a beautiful child
I love you.