Synaesthesia Painting On 12x18 Canvas.
  • Synaesthesia Painting On 12x18 Canvas.
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Synaesthesia Painting On 12x18 Canvas.


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This is possibly the coolest thing I've ever sold.

My friend Libby Ayres has synaesthesia, which is a wonderful neurological phenomenon which means she sees sounds as colours. Therefore, she paints songs!

She was recently made redundant and I love what she does, so I spoke to her about the idea of us teaming up to do something.

Pick your favourite song of mine (or collection of songs), choose your canvas size (9x12 inches, 12x 18inches or 18x 24 inches) and Libby will do her thing.

I asked her about her process:

"The specifics of creating each painting vary depending on how well I know the song. Generally, if it’s a track I don’t know, I listen to it for a few hours whilst I'm working or doing housework to get a feel for how the song appears in my mind. I keep listening whilst I prep my studio space, and sometimes sit for half an hour or more in front of a blank canvas concentrating on the song before I begin. It can be a lengthy process, but I’d rather take my time than rush into it and mess up - these canvases aren’t cheap and I aim to avoid wastage where possible. If it's a big canvas I usually make a miniature first so if it goes wrong I'm not wasting a huge canvas, then spend a few hours making the final piece."

This is a great chance to get some original art for your walls, plus you're supporting two artists in the process.

If you would like a bigger size, please get in contact to discuss a price. Due to having to order in the bigger canvas size not available in a shop, this could take longer to complete

I've included photos (and close ups) of songs which Libby has already completed.

For more on Libby or to speak to her directly about other songs you might want (that aren't mine):

All money I'm currently making is paying off the bills from the last tour! Then it's on to planning album number 3 and I've got plans which will make the Nashville project look tiny!

Please note that these are only made after the order has been made, so there may be a delay in getting them to you. The target is that we'll get them for you within three weeks though. If you're purchasing as a present and need it for a specific day, please get in contact beforehand so we can advise on whether it's achievable to get it to you in time.

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