12 Tins of tea at cost price.
  • 12 Tins of tea at cost price.
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12 Tins of tea at cost price.


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I'm trying to save some space in my flat as I have new merchandise to store, so I'm doing a few deals to help try and get rid of some things.

The tins of tea come in boxes of 12. So i'm selling each box for it's cost price which is £72 or £6 a tin.

Unfortunately I'm currently out of stock of English Breakfast Tea, but it's still available for the Earl Grey, Lemon and Ginger Green tea and Demi Chai Masala Blends

All money I'm currently making is paying off the bills from the last tour! Then it's on to planning album number 3 and I've got plans which will make the Nashville project look tiny!

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