Time For Something New


Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my first blog post. I never thought I'd end up doing this kind of thing, but I've found myself reading blogs recently, so I figured that I'd like to give it a try. 

I've been doing a lot of soul searching over the last year about what kind of artist I'd like to be, and I guess I just want to share of what is on my mind. It's not alway possible to turn the things that occupy my head into a song, so writing in prose seems like a logical step. Feel free to engage me on the things I've said and definitely ask questions or disagree with me. If anything I've written about reminds of you of other articles or songs or films, then please send me links so I can check them out. 

I'm on a big education kick at the moment, I'm reading plenty of books (albeit mostly about space travel, but I branch out every now and then), and I have a few people whom I follow on social media who always post links to really thought provoking articles or videos. 

So this is just a short little introduction, and I hope you'll come back for some more. I'll be trying to do one at least once a week, but if time allows I may end up doing more. 

Speak soon! 


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