I've made an album in Nashville


And it's all because of you...

April 6th 2017 was my 10th anniversary of being a full time self employed musician. This is a massive achievement so I'm celebrating this by undertaking my most ambitious project yet. In January I spent 3 weeks in Nashville, Tennessee recording my second full length album. It was probably the most rewarding part of my career to date and went so much better than my wildest dreams hoped for. 

It was recorded at Welcome to 1979 studios and we recorded straight onto tape, which isn't something that people do that much any more because it's so much more expensive. You don't have the luxery of doing things again and again or you ruin the tape, so you have to have great musicians around. Fortunately, my producer Dean Dichoso put together a great team to play on this album and their muscianship really was inspiring for me to watch. 

As well as making the album, I've also made two other releases. The first of these is out now and it was recorded live to vinyl in the Third Man Records Record booth. You can find out more by clicking here. 

Why Nashville? All of my favourite new music is coming out of that city and I want to go and take my own brand of songwriting and use the sound that they create so well. Of course I could have done it locally cheaper, but I felt that making an album should be an adventure and and adventure it certainly was.

I originally set a target of £20000 which I thought might be enough to make an album like this and thanks to your help I hit that target with a few weeks to spare. However, the true cost of making this album is somewhere in the £25000 mark, so if you'd like to help some more please read on. Why has it gone up? Partly because of how expensive things turned out to be and there were a few unknowns that popped up unexpectedly. Also, the exchange rate isn't wasn't that great (although it's now gone up, typical!). I now have three things left to pay for: Mastering, manufacturing and marketing. To be honest this could be an unlimited amount of money that I could spend on these three things (especially marketing), but I like targets, so I feel hitting £25000 should enable me to do some of things I'd like to do! 

I've been putting every penny I earn from my original music since April 6th 2017 into this, and I purchased lots of new merch items , using some old favourite products and some new ones too (including my own brand of tea), so if you're someone who has money and wouldn't mind spending it on me, please go and have a look: NEW STORE

For those of you who have no expendible cash, but would still like to help out, please stream my music on Spotify or Apple Music as much as you can or add my songs to your playlists and send them to your friends. Last year I made over £600 just from Spotify, so it could be a massive help for me this year.

These days most musicians use crowdfunding like Kickstarter or Pledge Music to fund their projects, however, they take 10 to 15% of your revenue, which could be as much as £3000 of my overall budget, which seems a lot just for a website and have some exclusive content. To counter this, I've set up a private Facebook group for those who have purchase merch, donate money or are helping me in other ways so that I can put up those exclusive updates and make the adventure a more collective experience. The link for this group is sent in the confirmation for any merch orders and I'll invite others into that group that I know are going the extra mile for me even if they can't afford any merch etc.

If you're really keen, I've made every item on the merch store  to be "pay what you want" with a minimum price, so you can add an extra donation onto every item. Or you can just donate money via paypal using the button on this page, or purchase music on my bandcamp page for whatever price you see fit!

Thanks so much for reading this much, and if you've got involved in any way, no matter how big or small in my career over the past ten years then I'm very grateful, and I hope that this album springboards me into making another great ten years.

If you have any ideas which you think could help me, please do get in contact.

Thanks so much.