Gig List ​​

Tuesday 1st May: The Greyfriar, Chawton
7pm Free Entry

Friday 11th May: The Monarch, Camden.
Frank Turner Presents: Last Minutes: 1pm - 5pm: Frank's Hand Picks 
With Micah Schnabel, Mark McCabe, Caroline Francess and Stephen Cooke.
Free Entry.

Monday 30th July: The Green Note, Camden.
A night where I get to tell the stories and sing my songs from my new album which will be out later in the year.
Support to be confirmed. 7.30pm doors.
House Show Tour August 2018
This August I'm planning on doing a UK tour of living rooms, conservatories and gardens. If you'd like me to come and play for you and your friends and/or family please get in touch:​ 

Each show is pay what you want, but there are expenses involved so please consider that before contacting me. I'm happy to pass a hat around to your guests and I'll obviously need feeding and a place to stay.
So far I've had requests for shows in London, Portsmouth, Brighton, Birmingham, Nottingham, Newcastle upon Tyne, Knaresborough, Barnsley, Leeds, Glasgow, King's Lynn and Fleetwood. I really would like to go everywhere, including Ireland, no matter where you are, don't be put off. When you contact me, please let me know where you live and if there are any dates and times you can't do, I can do daytime gigs as well.